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Calvary Christian School was formed as a way to support homeschool families as they endeavor to educate their kids at home.  Our desire is to provide some of those extra opportunities that can be challenging to give your child at home including science labs, group presentations, peer review, etc.  

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How It Works

Term 2, 2021-22

Tutoring Options

Geology from a Biblical Perspective

This term we are studying The Flood, earthquakes, minerals and crystals, plate tectonics, mountains and other lands forms, fossils, and more!  

We will be ending the term with a celebration of what the kids have learned and a science fair. 

Rate: $30/hour/single session
$25/hour/2-5 sessions

$20/hour/6-10+ sessions
Small Group, 2 - 5
$20/hour/single session
$15/hour/2-5 sessions
$12/hour/6-10 sessions


Levels of Teaching

Preschool (Age 4)



Jr. High (Grades 7-8)

High School (Grades 9-10)

Specialized Classes/School Pods

Specific classes for the whole term available upon special arrangement.

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Term 2, 2021-22